iflix partners with Telekom Malaysia to bring in more viewers

iflix, Southeast Asia-based Internet TV service, has partnered with Telekom Malaysia to enable the service to penetrate more homes in Malaysia.

The partnership will allow TM's Unifi and Streamyx customers to watch TV shows and movies available on iflix from mid-December. As part of its marketing efforts, TM Unifi and Streamyx customers will also receive a free 12-month iflix subscription bundled with their existing TM service.  TM customers will also be able to download shows to their mobile phone or tablet to watch their shows offline.

Already available in Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, iflix is also looking to enter other Southeast Asian markets in the coming months.

Jeremy Kung, executive vice president, New Media, TM, said, “This partnership with iflix marks our first collaboration with an OTT player and the first in ASEAN for iflix. We remain open to collaborate with more OTT partners to keep up with the demand of younger generations viewing behaviour.”