New video streaming platform launches in SEA

A new subscription Video On Demand platform – iflix is launching throughout 2015 in key Southeast Asian markets, including Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The platform was founded by Patrick Grove, CEO of Malaysia-based Catcha Group.

iflix currently works on a subscription based model and according to Grove, it was created to fight entertainment piracy and provide a legitimate way for the region’s Internet users to enjoy films and television shows.  Grove said that currently more than 99% of ASEAN households consume pirated content and this has been an enormous problem for American content producers.

“We finally have the game-changing solution to not only combats piracy, but also allow consumers access to incredible content on every connected device, whenever and wherever they want it, for less than the price of a pirated DVD,” said Grove.

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The service will provide access to more than 10,000 hours of Asian regional and local market content. The subscription plans allow users to access the content on five devices, as well as download content to their mobile, tablet, computer, or television set (via a media player.)

Advertising + Marketing has reached out to iflix to find out more on its advertising opportunities for brands and marketing plans.

“By adopting a mobile-oriented business model, iflix is directly targeting a booming market opportunity. The number of Southeast Asian smartphone users and households with fixed line broadband is expected to grow in excess of 240 million and 55 million, respectively by 2018. Between 14%-38% of these smartphone users are already watching long-form videos on their devices, a fact that will contribute to iflix’s success,” the company added.

Evolution Media Capital (EMC), a merchant bank focused on the media, sports, and entertainment industries, is also a co-founder of iflix, and its managing partner, Rick Hess, will join the iflix board of directors.

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