iflix bolsters direct-from-cinema catalogue in Indonesia

Iflix has partnered with Indonesian production house Screenplay Films to offer consumers more first-run movies direct from cinema. Indonesian users will be able to to stream and download the new content for free.

Iflix has also worked with Screenplay Films to produce 16 of the 26 made-for-OTT movies that form part of the company’s deal with Wattpad. The made-for-OTT movies produced will join iflix’s array of premium original content, significantly diversifying and expanding the company’s existing line-up of Originals. When the films are launched, they will also be co-marketed on the Wattpad platform, tapping into the stories' pre-existing fanbase.

The selections were curated using Wattpad’s Story DNA Machine Learning technology, which gives insights into some of the top trending and promising titles, as well as the most popular and influential authors on the platform. iflix has received a deeper, analytical look at story-level data, including chapter performance and engagement, plot analytics, and even characters that will guide the importance given to these elements when the stories are adapted to films.

According to Mark Francis, global director of original programming, the Indonesian content ecosystem is "primed for growth" thanks to the proliferation of OTT.

"As younger audiences are hungry for a new kind of premium local content, it’s imperative we commit to serving them the most compelling local titles via the box office, but also elevate the quality of conventional “TV series” via our Originals. It’s precisely through key partnerships such as this, that we can deliver a real one-two punch and start to revolutionise the entertainment scene," Francis added.

Since 2016, the collaboration between iflix and Screenplay Films has seen the introduction of 12 of the studio’s most popular movies featured exclusively on the platform for the first time, straight from the cinema. iflix is now available to over one billion consumers throughout Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

In line with its commitment to bring local audiences compelling and relevant content, iflix launched its first original documentary featuring the 11-day campaign leading up to Malaysia’s historic 14th General Election in January.

(Photo courtesy: iflix.com)