If only … Carlsberg was the first cab off the rank

What if Carlsberg did a taxi service?

As part of its #Carlsbergdid initiatives, Carlsberg Hong Kong has taken online a dream many would wish to come true.

Collaborating with local creative studio AllRightsReserved, the two-minute video stresses some of the headaches you experience when taking a taxi in Hong Kong – long waits or drivers refusing a hire.

Then, it brings "Carlsberg Taxi" to light. With Carlsberg beer ready on tap, shopaholics, well-suited businessmen and enthusiastic young boys fill their cups again and again.

As they curiously press different buttons, extra services are provided: a table of dim sum food for the ride home, a shave in the back of a van, and all kinds of services to make sure passengers leave the cab in a refreshed mood.

Released on 13 September, the video has attracted more than 509,000 views, 2,100 shares and 5,800 likes on Facebook in less than a week.

"Where can I find this!" shouted many of its fans on Facebook, in which Carlsberg would cheerfully ask them to enjoy the beers instead.

Alice Fong, digital marketing and communication manager at Carlsberg, credited the overwhelming reactions to the local insights they had drawn in the video.

"Filmed in Hong Kong in a first-person narrative, the video effectively engages with Hong Kong customers’ cultural background, but the idea would be applicable globally," she said.

She told Marketing the video was another attempt to build on the brand’s tag line: "Carlsberg, probably the best beer in the world."

"Following the Carlsberg x IZZUE fitting room and the Carlsberg EURO party, we are releasing this video to strengthen the linkage between Carlsberg and high quality beers in a playful way."

Fong added the team had been staying attentive to comments on Facebook. "We are replying to the comments swiftly to make sure it is a two-way communication."

The campaign also introduced an offline offer in which customers can win a $100 Uber coupon if they order Carlsberg at designated merchants starting from today to 31 October.


Client: Carlsberg
Video production: Ogle Production
Creative agency: AllRightsReserved
Media agency: OMD