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Human Nature picks Comet e-jeepneys for first OOH campaign

Natural personal care brand Human Nature has teamed up with Global Electric Transportation (GET) Philippines to launch its first transit ad campaign.

Aptly named Goodness Riding, Human Nature used the iconic jeepney for the project but instead of your regular gas guzzler, the brand plastered its decals on Comet (City Optimized Managed Electric Transport) vehicles that run totally on electricity.

This is the first time the brand invested in advertising since it began in 2008 and it was crucial to find a partner that also believes in what Human Nature stands for, says Tish Martinez – Castillo, Human Nature Corporate Communications & PR manager.

“It’s proof that doing good does make sound business sense. We’d like to encourage others to pursue excellence and integrity in business,” Martinez-Castillo shares with Marketing.

An initial five Comets will run the ads following a route from SM North to Katipunan for three months. The e-jeepneys can seat 20 passengers just like a regular jeepney but keeps commuters safer by having designated stops and CCTV cameras on-board.

GET Philippines aims to replace 35,000 public utility jeepneys with Comets within 5 to 7 years without laying off existing drivers. Working with jeepney associations and transport groups, GET promises to secure Comet drivers monthly salaries, health care and social security.

“The COMET has the potential to transform Manila’s roads from noisy, polluted thoroughfares into peaceful, sleek 21st century streets of the future. They are a natural match for us, said Dylan Wilk, Vice President of Human Nature during the launch Wednesday.

“If medium is indeed message, then there is no better vehicle for Human Nature’s messages than the COMET, Human Nature said in a statement.

Martinez-Castillo confirms that the campaign, which also involves all 30 Human Nature nationwide and Comet on-board activations, were all done in-house.

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