Huawei and Ogilvy PR Malaysia retract statement made on competitor

Huawei Malaysia has retracted a statement it made regarding  Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge.

The statement was issued by its PR agency Ogilvy PR Malaysia and stated that the launch was disappointing as it was "overpriced" and “lacking innovation". A+M has reached Huawei and Ogilvy PR for a response.

The statement was made as Huawei’s P9 phone is set to release in Malaysia.

According to tech blog Malaysian Wireless, which published the full initial Huawei statement, Huawei said it is looking to increasing its market share in Malaysia. Samsung, it said, is its closest competitor in the Android smartphone market.

Late last year Huawei partnered with Malaysia’s largest media platform, Media Prima Television Networks to embark on a comprehensive brand partnership. The partnership looks to inject a local personality for the brand. Through the campaign the brand aims to change its perception from being a global Chinese company to a brand that Malaysians can truly identify with.

Huawei kicked off a unique brand campaign, ‘Huawei Best Wei’, playing on a commonly-used local expression.

Meanwhile this year after appointing Argentine football star Lionel Messi as global ambassador, Huawei has now tapped the power of Hollywood to promote its newest product.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer unveiled its Huawei P9 series by collaborating with the global camera brand Leica and released a preview trailer for its new campaign at an exclusive launch event at London’s Battersea Evolution this week. As global product ambassadors, “Superman” Henry Cavill and “Black Widow” Scarlett Johansson will make appearances in the TVC for Huawei P9 series.