Revive urges students to get offline

Revive Isotonic has launched The Master of Rev Up initiative to encourage tertiary students to get out of their digital comfort zone and step into the real world, offering them an opportunity to create a project that emphasises face-to-face interaction and personal communication.

"The Masters of Rev Up offers us an opportunity to invest in young people and enhance their social, organisational and leadership skills to prepare them for their future," says Permanis vice president of marketing and business development Hemalatha Ragavan.

Themed ‘Transforming Digital to Reality', the aim of the campaign is to give youths real-life work experiences via guidance, interaction and communication, a key Masters of Rev Up feature. Now in its fourth year, it has given hundreds of students a leg-up by exposing them to ‘real life' work situations, giving them a chance to work closely with people and inculcated necessary skills.

The Masters of Rev Up has also offered participants personal coaching and training to empower and prepare them for their future career paths.

The brand has kicked off a Masters of Rev Up pre-awareness campaign cum recruitment drive that includes 18 road shows, campus tie-ups and sampling in selected universities and colleges across the country as well as on social media sites.