HPB highlights importance of early childhood nutrition with "Baby Talk"

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) has launched a four-part video series titled "Baby Talk", in a bid to engage and educate parents on the importance of early childhood nutrition. It hopes to help parents make informed choices when it comes to breastfeeding, formula feeding and weaning, by providing them with objective and useful nutritional information.

The campaign, which will run until December 2017, will be executed on social media and online channels, as well as on ground education efforts in hospitals and within the community. Creative agency DDB and media agency MEC were involved in the execution of "Baby Talk".

The campaign's tagline "A bright future starts with the right nutrition" also aims to drive forth the message that early nutrition will give children the right foundations to be healthy and excel as they grow. HPB understands that one of the biggest struggles mothers face is the inability to communicate with their babies and find out what is their cause of discomfort or unhappiness. This leaves them trying out a myriad of solutions or deferring to other’s judgment, and feeling frustrated.

The video series is HPB's cheeky take on the matter, showing mothers being able to understand their child's gibberish and save on the second guessing.

Check out one of the adorable videos below: