Why males may get luckier on Valentine’s Day

After celebrating the Lunar New Year, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and it's time for marketers to head down to the romantic promotional games. When it comes to seeking Valentine's Day gift ideas, search queries for “gifts for boyfriend” are three times higher than “gifts for girlfriend” in Hong Kong, according to Google's insights of 2015.

It's Valentine's Day this Sunday and marketers have pounced on the theme to persuade consumers to buy their wares. Which items are at the top of the lists for this important day?

Looking at Google Trends insights in Hong Kong in 2015, Valentine’s Day related searches increased by 34% between 2014-15 with mobile as a driving force behind the growth. Search results for jewellery, lingerie and wine begin earlier, whereas cards, chocolate and flowers are more of the last minute gifts.

It might not be surprised to learn - search queries for “gifts for boyfriend” are three times higher than “gifts for girlfriend”, meaning women are likely to do more research than their partners before purchase, or they are just the more search-savvy consumers.

The search giant suggested Hong Kong businesses should focus on search to boost and capitalise the V-day sales.

When it comes to how much research people do before making a purchase decision, 62% Hongkongers researched locally a day or less before visiting. And 83% only consider one to three brands before making a purchase, according to Consumer Barometer 2015.

Meanwhile, here is a Valentine gift poll, by Lightspeed and a clear look at what consumers across Hong Kong and China want this Valentine’s Day.


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