How to get to know your audience, and get the right data to do so

By: Sammy Hsieh, co-founder and CEO, iClick Interactive Asia Limited

Step #1 – Getting the RIGHT data to begin with

Marketers often have plenty of rich customer data coming from diverse sources of 1st, 2nd and 3rd party, but data silos of internal 1st party and quality assurance of 2nd and 3rd party data can obscure a seamless view of campaigns and customers. Trying to link fragmented data and building a holistic audience view can be extremely challenging for many marketers. As data is the key to unlocking customer insights – how can marketers better leverage the overwhelming amounts of data available today?

One of the most effective ways is to use the right data and technology partner with a set of parameters and priorities that suit your marketing objectives by ensuring that integrated data plays a key role to engage with your audience. Some important criteria to consider: technical capability, understanding of your objectives, ease-of-use, data integration capability, expertise in your industry, cost, etc. For a modern data-driven marketing strategy, marketers need to be able to act on key customer data and insights across all channels and devices.

Step #2 – Knowing your AUDIENCE by using the right data analytics

Understanding your audience is the frst and most important aspect of gaining higher conversions. Marketers need a clear understanding of their audience so they can clearly identify where their needs overlap with what marketers are offering. To address this problem, marketers can consider adopting a marketing intelligence tool that provides reliability and quality for further deployment. Our iAudience is an audience identifcation tool that allows brand marketers to actually understand the market landscape, measure the brand’s position as opposed to competitors and grasp potential opportunities. This intelligence tool provides marketers with in-depth audience knowledge in a multi-dimensional manner – from demographics and geographic to psychographics to behavioural patterns, giving brands meaningful understanding of their target segments on what they do, what they like, and what they care about.

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