Hooters risks being evicted over unpaid rent

Hooters Hong Kong is facing legal action and eviction from its Wyndham Street location in Central after allegedly failing to pay amost HK$1.52 million in rent since October last year.

The American restaurant chain, best-known for the appealing and buxom female servers in skimpy outfits, is involved in a court writ, filed by its landload Dor Fook Company on 26 January 2018.

The document said Hooters Restaurants Limited signed a 10-year lease in March 2016 for its ground-floor venue, agreeing to pay HK$330,000 per month for the first year.

The chain also signed another five-year lease for a room above the shop, agreeing a monthly rent of HK24,000 for the first year.

Yet the chain has allegedly not been paying its rent and rates for the two premises since October 2017, and the failure to pay the rent "constituted a repudiation" of the lease.

The landlord is thus seeking to repossess the premises, which the restaurant has stationed since 2016. It also states that it will claim HK$371,700 for every month the chain stays there starting from February, and HK$17,932 per month for future rates.

This is not the first time Hooters faced eviction. Last year in September, Dor Fook also lodged a legal bid for HK$1.13 million - around three months' worth of rent. Hooters Asia president Daniel Yong at that time put the dispute to rest as he told South China Morning Post that the company had paid off all its outstanding debt the day before the bid.

According to South China Morning Post, however, Yong on Monday said he has left the position.