Hong Kong's online shoppers snub mobile for computer-based purchases

Hongkongers still greatly prefer making purchases on computers over mobile tech, according to a report by e-commerce platform Picodi.com.

The report - based on the platform’s internal data for 35 countries in 2018 - states that only 23% of transactions were made on smartphones and 3% on tablets, in comparison to 74% on traditional desktop and laptop computers. However, mobile shoppers were more willing to spend on each transaction.

Prices for mobile-based purchases averaged at HK$1041, while computer-based transactions balanced out at HK$721. Within that mobile category, iOs users on average spent more than their Android counterparts, at HK$1056 versus HK$929 respectively.

The standard demographic of Hong Kong’s online shoppers was a pretty even split along gender lines, 55% male and 45% female, with the largest age group (45%) being unsurprisingly in the 25-34 range. The top selling items were for fashion, travel, and food delivery.

Some interesting behavioural statistics show that Hong Kongers are nocturnal online shoppers with the majority of sales happening between 6 PM and midnight. Across the year, transactions peaked in November (14.5% of total), with the lowest dip noted in July. August was the month with the highest average value of transactions, averaging at HK$1579.