Hong Kong Airlines rolls out 'travel with parents' campaign

Hong Kong Airlines has launched a new business class video campaign to tie in with the Mother’s Day and the Father’s Day celebration as a continuation of its concept of “Fly the affordable luxury”.

The campaign, together with Crossfade Creative, Prime Concepts and MEC Hong Kong, aims to differentiate itself from the conventional ways of communicating the physical benefits of flying in business class. Instead, Hong Kong Airlines wants to highlight the invaluable emotional benefits of traveling with one’s parents, in its affordable business class.

Traditionally, Hong Kongers go on overseas travel with their parents on guided tours.

However, with the increasing popularity of free independent travellers, many are now planning their own vacation with their loved ones by booking directly online. Hong Kong Airlines seizes this opportunity to introduce the concept of “Travel with parents” by highlighting the emotional benefits of spending more time with one’s parents when they are still young.

The brand said travelling with parents does not start when travellers arrive at the travel destination but at the moment that they set foot to embark the travel journey.

Jess Hau, assistant digital marketing manager at Hong Kong Airlines, said, "We want to highlight the urgency of traveling with your parents when you are young and when your parents are still healthy. With our business class, even people in the early stage of their career can afford to take their parents for vacation in a highly comfortable flight setting."

“Instead of following convention ways to launch the video campaigns through homepage takeovers, we take advantage of the specific audience group that Hong Kong Airlines would like to reach through cross-device programmatic video buy, Facebook KOLs, ViuTV, as well as highly relevant channels such as Hong Kong Movie app. We have seen astounding results so far with CPV as low as $0.25 and direct online bookings immediate after watching the video,” added Antony Yiu, head of digital of North Asia at MEC Hong Kong.