Hong Kong 5th in employment equality

Today is International Women’s Day: while city-goers give an extra kiss to our mothers and girlfriends today, the ladies in Hong Kong have another thing to cheer on: Hong Kong ranked the fifth in gender equality in the workforce with more women than man holding regular jobs, according to MasterCard’s latest Index of Women’s Advancement study.

The index looks at employment – workforce participation and regular employment; education – secondary and tertiary; and leadership – business owners, leaders or political leaders. Each indicator measures a ratio of women to every 100 men.

Though Hong Kong slumps behind Vietnam in the seventh place in terms of overall score, dragged down by indicators like workforce participation, which saw a score of 75.3; and women who are business owners and politic leaders, which measured 24.9 and 44.3 respectively.

Impressively, however, the city tops the charts in the region with 109 women to every 100 men who have a permanent, regular job.

As well, Hong Kong is one of the cities where the women’s education level in secondary and tertiary levels exceed that of men: meaning that for every 100 men who’s receive schooling, 101.2 (secondary) and 108.5 (tertiary) women have had the same.

Who’s a smart cookie now?

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone.

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