Digital guide curators Honeycombers eyes ad dollars with content unit

Lifestyle media platform Honeycombers has launched content marketing agency Digital Collective aimed at helping clients increase their revenues through digital marketing and content-led strategies. The agency hopes to help businesses grow through digital content strategies, allowing marketers and entrepreneurs to earn more money, enjoy more time off, and feel less stressed. In a statement to Marketing, Christine Edwards, the founder and CEO of Honeycombers said the Digital Collective had signed its first four clients comprising an accountancy firm, a swim school, a jewellery designer and an education client.

The Digital Collective comes as Edwards hopes to create a support network for other entrepreneurs and marketers, having been through the entrepreneurial journey first-hand and knowing how challenging it can be. At Digital Collective, Sophie Cullen will lead content strategy while based in Hong Kong, bringing over her experience in SEO, copywriting and UX. Meanwhile, based in Bali, Louise Newsham will be leading the social media and digital marketing strategy and Edward Tan will join in as the digital marketing manager with expertise in Facebook ads, content marketing and CRM. In Edward's statement to Marketing, it was added that the Digital Collective's first campaign would be going live by this week. 

The Digital Collective offers ROI-focused strategic marketing advice and business coaching, with services including email funnel design, content creation services, SEO support and direct response copywriting. With free articles, a digital-ready checklist, one-on-one advice and a 25-page guide on how to start and scale a business in Singapore, the core of the new business fosters a community of digital professionals across APAC. It will be implemented through various channels, including regular features and interviews with digital marketers and content strategists across the continent.

Edward said the Digital Collective was something that she was "personally incredibly proud and passionate" about, adding that she believed there were so many great businesses out there that needed support when it came to digital marketing. "It was exciting to leverage our 12 years in the digital marketing game too, making digital marketing easy to understand and also bringing ROI-focused marketing strategies to our clients," she added.

"I am also super proud of my team, who are a group of superstar digital guns. They are thriving with this new challenge to service our clients beyond the typical "agency" or "media house" business model.  We're also passionate about creating a community across the region along with accessible guides and other free resources - as this is something I wish I had access to as a startup in Asia.  I can't wait to see where this goes for Digital Collective and the talented team behind it," Edward explained. 

Honeycombers was launched in 2008, serving as a lifestyle and media platform with outlets across Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. According to the company's press statement, it currently enjoys over 1 million visitors to its four websites each month, and has over 100,000 subscribers to its weekly newsletters. 

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