Honda puts creative twist to the shopping cart with its SENSING technology

To promote the Honda SENSING safety technology, the automotive brand collaborated with Isobar Malaysia to roll out a new campaign featuring the "Honda SENSING Cart".

In a TV ad, the team at Isobar depicted the Honda SENSING safety technology through a regular shopping cart fitted with proximity sensors, cameras, Arduino boards and a Raspberry-Pi controlled braking system. Through the technology, the Honda SENSING Cart is able to straighten itself in the aisles and brakes automatically when facing an obstacle, similar to how Honda SENSING-equipped vehicles keep drivers safe on the road.

The ad garnered 8,309,583 views and 3.8 likes on YouTube at the time of writing. The cart was also showcased at the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show last year.

Meanwhile, Isobar also built an interactive game “Tower” that invited young people and adults to experience the benefits of Honda’s Sport Hybrid i-DCD technology in a new way. Users played by controlling the game on a digital screen using their arms and hands, for a fun and intuitive product education experience. According to Isobar, over 9,000 people played with the “Tower” throughout the course of the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show.

Isobar's ECD Liew Sanyen said that clearly communicating the power of technology is fundamental to brands which are investing in the innovation space.

"For Honda SENSING, many people couldn’t understand the technological nuts and bolts that made everything work. And that’s why, instead of the usual storytelling approach, we employed a working metaphor for Honda SENSING that humanised it and made it relatable to everyday drivers," Liew said.