HKTB #ReframingHK campaign amasses 30,000 photos in nine months

It’s been close to nine months since the Hong Kong Tourism Board and its agency partner Grey launched its “Reframing Hong Kong” campaign. They now report that at this time, the campaign has amassed close to 30,000 photos and has had a knock-on effect on search behaviours.

Rolled out in August 2018, the goal of #ReframingHK was to encourage locals to capture the photo in still images and showcase the best vistas in the city. Since then, submitted photos have been used to refresh popular travel platforms promoting Hong Kong, like Cathay Pacific’s digital platforms. Other travel websites, such as TripAdvisor, are replacing their photography with imagery from the campaign.


Visuals have also been turned into promotional merchandise, with postcards featuring some of the best photos being sold at various transport and tourism spots across the city.

“Reframing Hong Kong continues to be an effective platform to extend our global communications. We’re hoping that we can show the authenticity of Hong Kong through the eyes of those who know this city best”, says Tina Chao, general manager, Hong Kong Tourism Board.


However, a more intriguing result has emerged from the campaign has been its use of data. Insights were derived from analysing the travel preferences and search behaviours of travellers from 10 different source markets. As a result, new short stay itineraries were created, including previously less highlighted places. These image-based itineraries were then launched in partnership with South China Morning Post.

“Whether it’s choosing an attraction to visit or a temple to see, where to eat or what to hike, locals are now directly influencing these decisions.”, says Michael Knox, chief creative officer, Grey Hong Kong.