HKT Smart Living rolls out new ad campaign featuring Miss Hunny

HKT Smart Living has launched a new ad campaign for its one-stop home Wi-Fi service, which includes a video featuring YouTuber Miss Hunny.

The campaign addresses the demanding expectations by users for home Wi-Fi, and aims to resonate with the public by featuring a recognisable influencer to illustrate major Wi-Fi service issues being faced by users daily.

In the ad video, tagged “You deserve lag-free Wi-Fi access”, Miss Hunny is struggling with unstable Wi-Fi connection when watching a Korean TV drama. After she has made several attempts in vain to fix it, she eventually calls the HKT Smart Living technical support hotline for help.

HKT settles Miss Hunny’s inconvenient situation by sending a professional technician, who is portrayed as a Korean "Oppa" (a good looking, usually older male), to provide onsite router-installation, configuration, and free maintenance.

The ad has rolled out on the HKT Smart Living homepage and on Facebook. It will be presented on Viu TV and digital media soon.