HKT launches multi-brand Cantopop offensive with “Join The Club”

Four of Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT)’s brands – csl, The Club, Netvigator, and Smart Living – have joined forces to launch a united “Join The Club” brand campaign, showcasing the products and services of the brands and recruiting new loyalty member.

Entitled “Join The Club”, the campaign features MIRROR (a local Hong Kong boy band) in a series of promotional videos based on their song “A.S.A.P”. The ad aims to convey that peoples’ lives can be improved when they use the mobile network, broadband services and smart home systems of csl, netvigator and Smart Living.

According to HKT’s press statement, MIRROR’s presence in the videos represents a young generation demanding high-speed mobile networks, greater convenience and a modern lifestyle. The storyline is set on the day before a concert and presents how members of MIRROR use mobile phones and gadgets supported by csl’s network to help them get through a busy day.

In addition, the boy band members demonstrate how users can reward themselves by redeeming Clubpoints for a variety of products and services, while gaining access to privileges such as travel packages, dining offers, the latest gadgets, and admission to events around town.

The campaign has been released on social media and TVC.



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