HK Express to hand out free airline tickets

Nothing can be more alluring to customers than giving them free flights.

To mark its first anniversary of becoming a low-cost carrier, HK Express is set to roll out another promotional campaign, with its creative agency Secret Tour Hong Kong, to give out 365 eggs carrying free airline tickets in a modern Dai Pai Dong booth built by Master Luk, a builder behind the many green-painted Dai Pai Dongs in town.

But this one is rather special; it’s purple, and it only sells Chinese red eggs, a traditional Hong Kong staple snack mainly used to serve guests at birthday parties in Chinese culture.

The mechanism is simple. Soon to be located at Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, the 365 eggs, which all contain free airline tickets, each represent a day for people who were born that day, to pick up and claim a free airline ticket inside.

What’s more fascinating is that for a handful of eggs, which represent some specific days for the low-cost carrier (LCC) airline, such as the day the brand relaunched as a LCC, there are up to 12 free tickets sitting in one egg. However, there are only 365 eggs available during the two-week campaign.

It’s understood the activity was planned to be kick-started this weekend, but may be postponed because of the re-ignition of the city-wide protest.

This is not the first time HK Express has adopted a free ticket strategy to approach consumers. Six months ago, the LCC airline dreamt up a more challenging creation to give out free air tickets – asking contestants to hold their hands still on a panel for hours.

Now with this red eggs lure, getting free flights has become much more effortless, the trick is simply to be quick.

Client: HK Express
Agency: Secret Tour Hong Kong
Creative director: Jennifer Yip and Stephen Chung
Art director: Susan Chan
Copywriter: Dorothy Wong
Media: Carat and JCDecaux
Director: Qleg from Alternate Ltd.
Special thanks for Master Luk, the Dai Pai Dong architect.