Hitting too close to home?

Singapore – As competition heats up over a saturated customer pool, lead telcos StarHub and SingTel have launched campaigns with strikingly similar taglines.

StarHub claims its ad was the forerunner and suggests SingTel merely followed suit.

Jeannie Ong, StarHub’s head of corporate communications & investor relations, told Marketing: “We are pretty amused that a month after we broke our latest brand campaign – “Home is where the heart is”, our biggest competitor, the largest market cap company in Singapore, emulates our tagline.” She said that StarHub’s campaign aimed to remind consumers to use technology to connect, instead of letting it disconnect them from loved ones. StarHub ads launched first on 17 November last year, while SingTel’s ran later ads with the tagline “Home is where the joy is” from 29 December onwards.

SingTel could not comment at the time of publishing.

DDB was behind StarHub’s ads while BBDO created the ad for SingTel.

A spokesperson for BBDO chalked up the similarities to coincidence.

“These campaigns have been created for the Chinese New Year period. In Singapore, this is a season with a strong emphasis on family and happiness, with people coming together to celebrate. It’s no surprise that consumer insights from a number of brands have picked up on this, as they do every year,” she told Marketing.

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