Hershey's switches up iconic packaging with emoji additions

The iconic Hershey's brand has switched up the look of its original milk chocolate bar and transformed each packaging to include an emoji. According to the brand, the move came up to satisfy "America’s love for emojis".

For the first time in the The Hershey Company’s 125-year history, the Hershey’s milk chocolate bars will feature 25 of the most commonly used emojis across six different emoji packaging designs.

Kriston Ohm, senior manager, Hershey’s brand said the classic Hershey’s bars were made to be shared with others and by adding an emoji design to each pip of chocolate, the team hopes to inspire parents and kids to share a chocolate emoji and make a connection with someone new. Marketing has reached out on the availability of the new packaging in APAC.

In addition, Hershey's also revealed that certain emojis made the cut as these were selected by parents and kids to feature meanings that would help to spark a conversation. Research data from the chocolate brand showed that 87% of kids agreed that the new Hershey’s emoji bar is something they would want to share with others. The new bars are set to launch in the upcoming months nationwide in the US, for a limited-time only in both standard size and snack size bars.

This comes months after sister brand Reese unveiled "Lovemoji" packages in time with Valentine's Day. The "Lovemoji" peanut butter cup packages are printed with love-related emojis such as a winking kiss and heart eyes. According to several news outlets, the Valentine's Day delights were available at Target for a limited period.