Hermès-backed Chinese luxury brand Shang Xia bags Tribal for SG launch

Hermès-backed Chinese luxury brand Shang Xia has appointed Tribal Worldwide Singapore for experiential and marketing duties. Tribal’s lead Jeff Cheong has also been chosen as Shang Xia Singapore’s first creative brand consultant outside of its Shanghai headquarters. This foray into experiential marketing is part of Tribal’s Total Experience (TX), which brings together core consulting practices such crafting bespoke consumer experiences, business consulting and creating social content, to help businesses grow in the digital and experience economy.

The appointment of Tribal comes in line with Shang Xia's debut in Singapore, and has bagged fashion entrepreneur Adriana Lim Escaño as the exclusive distributor for Shang Xia in Singapore. Shang Xia has opened the doors to its pop-up store in Takashimaya, done in collaboration with Tribal.

Shang Xia’s arrival in Singapore is a collaboration between its co-founder Jiang Qiong Er and Hermès, which has a 90% stake in the brand. The Chinese characters “Shang” and “Xia”, which translate to “up” and “down”, reveal the brand’s philosophy — a blend between two energies of yin and yang, past and future, and tradition and innovation. The brand also boasts a collection of fashion, accessories, furniture, home decor, jewellery and gifts.

Entrepreneur Lim said Shang Xia’s philosophy is built on the foundation of family, and treasures inter-generational values. “We have taken great care to find artisans who truly understand their craft, and have invested time in getting the techniques right. Shang Xia appeals to those who appreciate craftsmanship and luxury,” she added.