Here’s to an awesome time – and a new beginning

I feel marketers are blessed with the ability to switch perspectives, which helps them to adapt and remain agile. Their inherent understanding of people and situations sets them apart. And I have imbibed some of these traits in my eight years with Marketing magazine.

Much of my life’s perspectives have been shaped by what I have learnt on the job –about marketing (or, let's just say connecting with people), engagement, creativity, and so much more.

As I pen my last editor’s note for the magazine, I find myself reflecting on these marketing/life lessons I’ve picked up on the job. Here they are:

Get the culture right – without a deep understanding of culture, no marketing will be able to strike a chord with the audience or your team/s.

Personal branding – never underestimate its importance. Whether you are a senior exec or entry-level staff, being conscious of your brand and building it over time is a must.

Longevity – it’s 2016 I know, but patience pays off. Adding value to an organisation while growing your career requires time. Some, I know, may argue otherwise, but I’m a believer. Think long-standing client-agency relationships. Isn’t it a #blessing? (hate that hashtag, by the way!)

Network – I have constantly communicated this to my team. Our job as journalists is 60% networking, 40% writing. If you are not meeting new people, you will stop learning, simple. Same goes for marketing – meet your vendors, customers, channel partners. Be on the ground, talking and collecting “real-life”data. That’s a true differentiator.

And last, never underestimate the value of content. We have seen exponential growth in our readership every time we have made changes to our content strategy. For a publisher, audience numbers are everything, and our growth over the years has been immensely gratifying. Big thanks to you, our audience.

Now it’s time to take that growth to another level and nobody else, but Rezwana Manjur would’ve been the best person to do so. So, say hello to Marketing’s new editor. As I take the next step in my career, I say goodbye to a team which is not just looking good, but fantastic.

Wishing Rayana all the best. I mean Rezwana! (PS: Rayana and Rezwana: Same same, but different. Really different.)

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