Here's how to block ads and yes, you can

Marketers, don’t hate me for this but consumers, at times, consumers think ads have taken over the world.

And for those feeling overwhelmed by ads, there’s hope.

Recently, tech developers, Chad Russell and Charles Butkus have created a little box called AdTrap which completely block ads from websites, videos, music streams and mobile apps that use a Wi-Fi connection.

Users simply have to plug it in between their router and modem and voila – no more ads!

Users can also enable AdTrap anywhere on their mobile devices, which enables ad blocking over cellular 3G and 4G.

According to Mashable, The duo was inspired to develop the tool for more content-focused browsing with fewer privacy breaches from advertising companies and websites.

However to save themselves from some backlash, AdTrap also contains a "whitelist" function that allows users to enable ads on certain websites.

Each device retails for US$139 on AdTrap's website.

Now, is this the future of advertising?