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Heineken tells Malaysian consumers the stories behind its iconic star

Heineken has launched a new campaign titled “There’s More Behind the Star”. The campaign tells the many stories behind the premium global beer and reveals secrets of the beer, its rich heritage and Heineken’s unparalleled international footprint.

To share the stories behind this iconic red star, Heineken converted the outdoor space @ TREC KL into an immersive Heineken experience zone for consumers to discover more behind the star. The campaign runs until 26 August 2017.

Once inside, guests are greeted to a “multisensory” experience from the sensory wall, which reveals the brews three pure ingredients – malted barley, water and hops. Guests experienced Heineken’s first ever 270-degree projection room to discover more behind the star. The two-minute experience immerses guests with exciting stories brought to life behind this iconic brand.

“We are excited to bring these stories to life for our consumers and share the journey of Heineken. From the ingredients to the way it’s brewed, there are many reasons that make our five-point red star iconic and we look forward in creating even more with all our beer consumers in Malaysia”, Loh Ee Lin, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia said.

To complete the experience, guests could also pour the Heineken Perfect Serve, with close guidance from Heineken’s Star Academy Trainers and Heineken’s World’s Best Bartender 2016 Champion- Eddy Jay.

Malaysia’s local DJs including HULKAS, CURZON, HYPEEMBEATS, JHIN, WH and XU as well as FLIPZE were invited to fill in the nights with their beats to liven the mood and entertain guests throughout the event.

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