Heineken Creates Digital Passport

How far can a man get on a bottle of beer? In its newest campaign, Heineken has created a four episode online campaign showing one man making his way across Asia using only Heineken.

Created by iris, the campaign invites Heineken fans to follow the journey of a protagonist, Justin, as he makes his way from remote places to bustling cities, culminating in a grand finale at Heineken Presents Sensation Bangkok party.
The series of four episodes is shared on the campaign site, where viewers can watch Justin's journey across Asia using only Heineken beers.

Fans are also encouraged to sign up for their own virtual passports on the site. Successful registrations will be rewarded with accumulated miles in return for carrying out interactive tasks such as sharing, watching content and answering questions about Justin's encounters in each city.

At the end of each day, the Heineken 'Passport holder' who earns the most miles will stand a chance to win the daily prize of a Heineken adventure pack. At the end of the journey, a user's total accumulated miles will be converted into chances to win great prizes in the final prize draw, which include digital cameras and a party at Sensation Taiwan for the winner and three friends.

"This campaign seeks to prove that we are truly recognized internationally as a brand that is valued in all corners of the world," said Rene de Monchy, head of marketing at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.