Heineken brings The Chase to Hong Kong

Heineken will celebrate the 17th anniversary of its partnership with the James Bond film franchise in Hong Kong with a TV global campaign featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond.

While global brewers from Carlsberg to Asahi, Blue Girl and San Miguel are going to great lengths to localise their brands, Heineken is remaining true to its global image.

The Chase commercial, created by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, comes just a week out from the launch of the latest film Spectre and unlike many global TV campaigns that get adapted for local markets, The Chase will remain the same.

“Globally, Heineken and the James Bond film franchise are very straight on localised content. It’s a big franchise after all and you can’t make a lot changes to it,” E J Oh, marketing manager at Heineken Hong Kong, told Marketing.

“The reason people enjoy the Heineken brand is that we have a global voice; so we don’t create local TV commercials to avoid diluting our global image with localisation.”

Outside the James Bond sponsorship, the music-related platform “Heineken Green Room” is the second core campaign for Heineken Hong Kong and is expected to expand next year.

“Heineken Hong Kong associates hugely to music, it relates to brand and our customers. When you listen to music, beer is essential. We want people to experience our brand through music.”

She said competition in the local brewing industry was high, due to the large number of imported beer brands.

“As a brand you can’t do everything to meet the needs of everyone, you have to stay focused.”

“We would rather have our own events than sponsors others,” she added. “Often in sponsored events people focus mostly on artists but never on event sponsorship. We’d like to create our own events which have a lot of experiences.”

The Heineken Green Room dance event held in August this year was attended by a 900 crowd, with a giant interactive screen displaying visuals, supported with mobile activation.

“It’s all about different experience and strengthening the brand via worth-of-mouth,” she added.

Campaign launch party on 14 October:

The only local element in Heineken’s biggest campaign in the year will be a video collaboration with renowned YouTuber Ming Jai for the campaign’s technological feature “Spyfie”, an activation that aims to take a selfie from space.

On 7 November, a spy-themed James Bond premiere plus after party will be taking place at IFC, which will see a drone flying over the sky while attendees will have to decode some myths during the event for prizes.

“Targeting 200 guests, the event will make them feel they are engaged in the movie set,” Oh said.

The TV commercial has been aired on some of the main free-to-air TV channels in Hong Kong last week with presence on outdoor screens. Media buy duties is handled by Mediavest.

Also a member of Heineken, Tiger Beer is taking a more localised approach to raise awareness. With a hook to street food, the brew held a 20-days food truck tour titled “Tiger Bites: Uncage the Street Flavours” to tap not only locals but travellers.

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