Healthy Options feeds kids with empty plates

Healthy Options, the country’s only all-natural products retailer, turns an obsession of taking pictures of food into a unique advocacy campaign about food wastage.

The company rolled out an Instagram activation via Ace Saatchi & Saatchi as part of “Love Food, Don’t Waste” campaign launched in August, asking diners to snap pictures of their finished plates instead of untouched meals.

Healthy Options will match every empty plate uploaded with  a hot meal for needy Filipino children through Hands on Manila– a commendable attempt to keep true to the social aspect of the social media campaign.

To drum interest, Healthy Options is currently presenting hard data about the status of food wastage and practical tips on how to reduce it on the Healthy Options Facebook fan page and a dedicated page on its website. The campaign is  also supported on YouTube with two 30-second spots videos.

One of the most alarming figures Healthy Options present was from the Philippine Institute for Development Studies. It found that Metro Manila produces 5,800 tons of solid waste per day - 75% of the total comes from households, where half of it is food scraps.

Another study suggests that the rice-loving island nation wastes 308,000 tons of rice every year. This loss equates to P8.4billion a year, enough to feed four million hungry Filipinos or build 24,000 classrooms.