Havas launches data barometer to combat ad fraud

Havas Media Group has launched a Meta Quality Barometer to tackle ad fraud.

The barometer is based on a comprehensive, inclusive approach to data.

The Meta Quality Barometer from Artemis Alliance delivers continuously updated data across global, multimedia campaigns, to share with all stakeholders.

The barometer aims to provide a unique and systematic "meta" barometer on data integrity, security and brand safety.

Leveraging its extensive experience in handling event level data, Artemis Alliance collects detailed and raw data from all of its technology partners to analyse and score the quality of the media inventory by industry, by market and by media owner.

Using these data, the Meta Quality Barometer covers five main areas:

1.Compliance: Matching impressions against purchased media

Artemis Alliance rates media owners’ compliance with campaign directives. Artemis Alliance audits both tagging systems and creative work provided for each campaign.

2.Experience: User experience

Artemis Alliance takes into account user experience and user interaction with campaign messages, in particular how long it takes for pages and ads to load for users, as well as where the ads are located on the page.

3.Impact: Viewability and performance auditing

Artemis Alliance can correlate performance (in particular in terms of audience) and viewability of media campaigns, to gauge their impact, through automatic and personalized tracking for each advertiser and for each action.

4.Context: Media content and brand safety

Brand safety services are codes inserted in campaign tags which allow Artemis Alliance to protect a brand’s image.

5.Traffic: Securing campaign distribution

To combat the rise of illegitimate Internet traffic worldwide, Artemis Alliance provides teams with both manual and technological solutions.  Media teams identify and blacklist all suspect URLs based on abnormal click-rates, coded URLs and pages without ads.

Dominique Delport(pictured), global managing director of Havas Media Group said, “The Meta Quality Barometer  now manages 100% of our online campaigns, harvesting over 300 billion secure and disaggregated data points each year. Its focus – to create an actionable measurement for viewability, brand protection, media inventory and campaign quality.”

Rob Griffin, EVP, media futures & innovation, Havas Media Group said, “This is a win-win deal. The ultimate win, therefore, will be for clients, who will benefit from smarter solutions and cleaner data to drive investments and business decisions.”