Hasbro spotlights inclusivity by dropping 'Mr' from Potato Head name

Hasbro is renaming "Mr Potato Head" to "Potato Head" in an effort to better reflect the full range of products. The new Potato Head family line allows consumers to create their own family using two large potato bodies, one small potato body, and 42 accessories. This offers consumers the opportunity to create different combinations of families regardless of gender by mixing the parts and pieces.

In a video on its website, Hasbro said it is introducing a modern look for modern families and with Potato Head "there is no wrong way to play". "Potato Head has provided endless creative possibilities to our preschoolers for almost 70 years and will continue to do so with the new create your Potato Head family," the brand said.

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Despite the name change, Hasbro clarified in a tweet that Mr and Mrs Potato Head toys will still remain and be sold. This time round, the terms "Mr" and "Mrs" are less conspicuous and only displayed at the bottom of the box. Mr Potato Head was created in 1952 and children had to supply their own potato to mix and match and eyes, nose or the mustache.

Meanwhile, Hasbro's SVP of global brands Kimberly Boyd said the new playset contains enough parts and pieces that offers children with more flexibility to create their potato families "outside of traditional norms", the Wall Street Journal reported. Boyd added that "it only felt right" to offer children the opportunity to mix and match and form a potato family that was reflective of their own. The potatoes, however, do not represent any specific race or culture, Boyd clarified. MARKETING-INTERACTIVE has reached out to Hasbro for comment.

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