Harbour City’s Toy Story 4 promotion adds umbrellas designed by HK artists

Riding on its current Toy Story 4 campaign with a series of additional activations, Harbour City has introduced two distinct limited edition umbrellas designed by Hong Kong artists Jan Lamb and Eric Kot.

Lamb’s design uses a green, white, and purple colour palette that mimics the scheme of main character Buzz Lightyear. This umbrella also prominently features the franchise’s Aliens, and their iconic line, “Ooohh”.

Kot’s design, however, is in a yellow, blue, and brown scheme mirroring that of the franchise’s other lead character, Woody. Same as Lamb’s umbrella, Kot’s design features his own personal icon, the new Toy Story 4 character Forky, along with a “Toys Forever” title.

This latest redemption (which will be available from 1 August) is a continuation of Harbour City’s Toy Story 4 summer marketing push. Currently, a seven-meter-tall archway stands at the entrance of the Ocean Terminal Forecourt alongside giant statues of the Toy Story franchise’s main characters; Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Slinky Dog. Standing nearby are other notable series characters and newcomers such as Bo Peep, Duke Caboom, Jessie, and those adorably weird green Aliens.

An array of games and activities to engage fans have been staged, such as a giant claw machine titled “Aliens: Oooohh the Chosen Ones”, and a car racing challenge called “Duke Caboom: Kart Race”. Other activities include a gallery exhibit on the art of Toy Story 4, a kids’ workshop, and an interactive digital game.

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