Harbour City celebrates CNY with a deliciously massive candy box installation

With the arrival of every major festival, Harbour City will, without fail, launch a gigantic yet eye-catching installation. This year, the shopping mall has created a gorgeous flower-shaped candy box to celebrate Chinese New Year.

The installation is located at the staircase in front of the main entrance of Ocean Terminal and includes models of several sweets and snacks that are commonly munched on during the festival, such as egg rolls, Japanese fish-shaped cake taiyaki, macaroons, assorted candies, cookies, and cheese. There are also some iconic but less tasty items such as gold bars and peach blossoms, traditional symbols to wish wealth.

In addition to the big candy box centrepiece, the staircase pillars have been decorated with designs inspired by butterflies, clouds, bamboo, Chinese windows, and knotting.

These same aesthetic concepts were applied to the mall's Lai See red packets. Harbour City worked with the Communion W design studio to produce six candy box-shaped red packet designs in pastel colours.

These red packets that will be distributed to visitors contain candies, chocolate gold coins, and traditional Chinese New Year snacks, such as sweetened dried lotus roots and sesame doughnuts.

It almost makes you want to start making up holidays just to see what Harbour City would do next!