Happy Marketer launches digital command centre practice

Happy Marketer has launched its digital command centre in a bid to enable brands to proactively handle their customer care, manage their online reputation and monitor competition.

The agency has been working with SMRT on its social command centre since March 2016. The platform is said to look at customer activities across social media, search engines, blogs and forums and allow brands to monitor the content consumption patterns of the silent majority, who passively read as opposed to actively comment or participate in online chatter. These data sets and cloud-based AI capabilities would allow clients to better predict certain incidences and be prepared with action plans.

According to Terrence Quah (pictured), director of Digital Command Centre at Happy Marketer said, “Many brands have been experimenting with social listening over the last few years but very few have been looking at multiple digital data sets. Moreover, we are excited to offer brands a multi-channel approach to managing their customer care and reputation online.”

The company added that the key objective of the digital command centre is to empower CMOs and their teams to make informed decisions.

“This way they can improve their customer experience based on real-time actionable insights,” said Quah. Quah will be supported by a team of seven employees to help clients monitor their brand perception online, manage their online customer care and implement a crisis escalation plan.

Prantik Mazumdar, managing partner at Happy Marketer noted that “We envision the digital command centre to unify the marketing, technology, corporate communications and customer service functions of a business. We aim to provide brands with the visibility and intelligence to drive efficiency.”

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