Hang Lung Properties to give Hongkongers locally designed face mask holders

With people looking for ways to store their face masks, Hang Lung Properties has partnered with Hong Kong-based product design consultancy InnoSphere to give out face mask holders for free, and has launched a campaign to go with the initiative. 

From 6 April, Hang Lung Properties will give out redemption tickets on a dedicated platform for customers. After registration, customers can go to a selected shopping mall at Hang Lung Properties to redeem the holder. A total of 15,000 mask holders will be given out across seven shopping malls at Hang Lung properties.

To go with this initiative, the company has also invited actor Raymond Wong to star in a video promoting this campaign.

“Every time when we go out, we are extremely mindful because we are running low on masks, and we do not want to contaminate our masks when we have to take them off temporarily. The face mask holder definitely helps ease my mind,” Wong said. 

Bella Chhoa, director of leasing and management at Hang Lung Properties, who also stars in the video, said: “Despite the unprecedented challenges caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, I believe that our concerted effort will curb the spread and we will eventually win this battle.”

“Hang Lung is committed to playing our part in the fight against COVID-19. Perseverance and solidarity are the core values of Hongkongers and have helped us get through a lot of hardships over the years.”

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