Guinness unveils six steps to a perfect pint

Guinness has partnered with Cohn & Wolfe Hong Kong and digital firm Banana for a campaign to introduce Guinness Draught to a wider age range and broader customer demographic targeting both local and expats.

Dubbed "Made of More", the digital initiative highlights a “Perfect Pint Challenge” virtual mobile app where users can learn to pour a perfect Guinness digitally through six steps, earning points in the process and win monthly prizes.

The app, also carries Guinness' latest news and information to the pop-up Guinness campaign locations, is promoted through Google Display Network, search engines and other popular smartphone applications.

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The initiative is back by two TV commercials to showcase the craftsmanship of roasting Guinness dark beer. They're showcased as pre-roll video ads on YouTube, Tudou, Youku, PPTV and LeTV.

Several pop-up "Guinness Pour-Your-Own-Pint" stations have been set up at bars and restaurants across the city where brand ambassadors will guide customers through the art of a a good pour.

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"Gen C, being our core target audience, are hungry for information to satisfy their need to feel connected no matter where they are," Andrea Clark, brand manager of Carlsberg Hong Kong, said.

"Instead of rolling out a series of heavily branded ad campaigns, we want to educate them the way to appreciate a perfect pint of Guinness Draught.

"By engaging with this group of 'passionate brand advocates', we want to enhance penetration of the brand to the Hong Kong market hence, at the end of the day, make Guinness their choice of stout."

Client: Carlsberg Hong Kong
Creative agency: Cohn & Wolfe (Hong Kong), Banana
Media agency: Cohn & Wolfe (Hong Kong)