GSK gathers pledges against smoking

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Health (GSK) has launched the Pledge to Quit Right campaign as an ongoing effort to raise awareness among smokers as well as non-smokers on the right way to quit smoking.

GSK aims to gather thousands of pledges in support of a cigarette-free Malaysia and to share information on the right way to quit.

The campaign is targeted at Malaysians who are hoping for a smoke-free environment, as well as health care professionals who are to be recruited to educate their patients and customers on the use of smoking cessation aids through GSK’s comprehensive Quit Right platform.

The Pledge to Quit Right campaign incorporates elements that improve the rates of success, such as consulting Certified Smoking Cessation Service Providers (CSCSP) at pharmacies, garnering support from family and friends, and using tested systems such as the 3-step 12-week quit smoking plan with NiQuitin, stop smoking aid that uses nicotine replacement therapy.

GSK’s research shows that many smokers may have the will to quit, but have not taken any concrete steps due to lack of knowledge on smoking cessation methods or fear of failure.

“Many smokers have thought of quitting, and we want to encourage more of them to journey towards not just trying to quit, but to quit for good using the right methods. The pledges we’re collecting will spur them on, knowing that the nation is supporting their desire to be cigarette-free,” said Soumitra Sen (pictured), Asia area marketing director Wellness, GSK.

GSK’s smoking cessation campaign is currently into its third year, supported by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Malaysians are encouraged to post their pledges on the Pledge to Quit Right board at the Pledge to Quit Right roadshows or on the mobile board transported by Era FM and My FM radio cruisers.

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