GSCinemas social team wins PR points with 'Ask Me Anything' responses

Ask Me Anything sessions are an engaging way for netizens to learn more about a brand or an individual, and Malaysian cinema chain GSCinemas seems to have hit the nail on the head for this. It recently hosted an Ask #GSCAdmin session on its Instagram and screenshots of the admin's hilarious responses were uploaded onto Facebook by a netizen.

The types of questions posed by Instagram users included why GSCinemas screens so many ads, whether the admin's job of managing the Instagram account was tough, what are some upcoming movies consumers should be excited about, the weirdest things the admin has seen via the cinema's CCTV, and if one is able to purchase tickets with a TNG Wallet.

Meanwhile, some Instagram users also seized the opportunity to be cheeky. One asked who the admin would save if TGV Cinemas and MBO Cinemas both fell into the sea. GSCinemas responded with a meme captioned: "You should rest more today."

Another user asked if the admin was able to introduce some "chic" as he has been single for there days. GSCinemas responded with a picture of its "chikin kombo" featuring spicy wings and a packet of Dutch Lady milk. A+M has reached out to GSCinemas for comment.

The cinema chain also previously entertained consumers when it posted a series of tongue-in-cheek updates and clips on its Facebook page last month to hype up movie-goers, as well as answer top questions amidst the announcement of opening of cinemas in the country. The list of questions from fans included “I come with girlfriend/boyfriend, cannot sit together meh?”, “I come with my friend, can sit together ah?”, “From same house, cannot ah?”, and “Can sit on my lap ah?”. GSCinemas' response was short and sweet: "HELLO. CANNOT." The post previously garnered over 48K likes, 11K comments and 27K shares on Facebook at the time of writing.

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