Groupon's fantastic five a surprising hit

Wingman services for $1,500, Lamborghini rides to work $500 and $50 dog kisses ... welcome to Groupon's fifth birthday deal spectacular.

As Groupon in the US crosses its five-year marl, Hong Kong is celebrating along with it - despite the fact that it has been in Hong Kong for three years.

Groupon Hong Kong head of marketing Sophia Lai said all of these company-generated deals revolve around the notion of “five”, whether it be the number of services offered, price or the quantity of each service.

Deals on offer include the aforementioned, along with the chance to buy space on the Groupon page and share a personal message ($5000) or winning a staring contest to win a $1,000 Groupon voucher.

Since their debut in mid-November, the offerings have all sold out except for the wingman/wingwoman service and the $5,000 personal message, which Lai said lack of popularity due to their high prices.

“Everything we’ve launched this time around comes in a very limited quantity, and we made sure they were really gimmicky and fun services that are rare in Hong Kong,” she said, adding that given the low quantities, the group-buying company just promoted the self-generated services on its own Facebook page, EDM database and on its website.

Though a one-time thing for its US-counterpart, Lai added that the three-year-old Hong Kong outlet will be looking into producing self-made products or offerings as gimmicks for milestone celebrations.