Groupon partners

Groupon Malaysia has attracted national brands such as O'Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe and The Manhattan Fish Market to partner with the daily deals site.

Through the partnership both brands will be featured on the Groupon website and will have their offers included in Groupon's emails which goes out to its 900,000 subscribers twice a day.

"We are excited to partner with Groupon as new effective promotion platform for us to reach out more targeted audience and for brand effectiveness. It's encouraging to witness all 10,000 Signature Classic Tripledecker Sandwich were sold in 36 hours," Brian Pua, operations and business development director & master franchise of O'Briens Malaysia said.

The Manhanttan Fish Market, the deals for which went live on 26 September, too has seen 4,000 giant fried  platters sold so far with the deal still available on the Groupon site.

Joel Neoh, CEO of Groupon Malaysia told A+M: "Groupon is being seen as a new effective marketing tool to help national brands to get desired results whether its more new  customers, testing of new dishes, targeted demographics or price point. Basically, we work closely with them to come up with win-win package for both brands and targeted customers."

Groupon is currently running on two platforms and and is the midst of migrating to a centralised Groupon platform.