Grey Group CSO talks about building a sustainable brand

Building a sustainable brand has become essential in the new normal. In an HSBC Business Talks episode, CSO, Grey group's Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa chief strategy office Måns Tesch explained the role that brand can play in helping businesses to achieve their sustainability goals.

Tesch said, “The value of bold promises of carbon reductions in a distant future is fading. People want brands to share their sense of urgency. To win trust, brands need to make a positive sustainable impact here and now, with actions that come from the very heart of their business.”

Currently, one of the most pressing topics affecting businesses of all sizes and sectors is sustainability and the transition to a net-zero carbon economy. And the last 12 months have accelerated the need for businesses to act in this space.

Andrea De Vincentiis, regional head of B2B marketing for Asia Pacific at HSBC, also commented, “Our HSBC Business Talks – Asia Pacific podcast series started last year as a way to engage with the business community around timely and consumable insights from across the region. This latest episode on the role brand plays in the sustainability space was fascinating and fabulous to have Tesch share his views and experiences – my main takeaway was the importance of ensuring brand action not just brand positioning.”