Greenpeace and Ogilvy SG tackle climate change with OOH exhibition

Global environmental organisation Greenpeace Australia has collaborated with Ogilvy to construct an interactive exhibit in front of Pitt Street Mall, one of the main shopping areas in Sydney’s central business district. This is to raise awareness and draw public support for the fight against climate change.

Conceptualised and built by Ogilvy Singapore, the exhibit’s main aim is to encourage people to take personal responsibility for addressing climate change by demonstrating the positive impact that their actions can have, however small.

The exhibit shows a polar bear perched atop a slowly melting iceberg along with a message inviting passersby to pledge to take action on climate change by either making a donation or signing a petition as part of Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic initiative. The drips of the iceberg steadily erode the polar bear’s home until one of the passersby interacts with the display, at which point the drips slow down and freeze in mid-air before flowing against gravity back into the iceberg. The effect becomes stronger as more people get involved.

Greenpeace’s deputy program director, Nic Seton, said, “One of the biggest challenges in dealing with climate change is that people find it difficult to see the effect that their efforts can have on such a huge global problem. With this installation, we hope to illustrate that a collective effort can indeed make a real difference. It is only by rallying together that we will be able to slow down, stop, and even potentially reverse the damage that has been done to our environment.”

Campaign Credits:

Project title: The Reverse Global Warming
Project Client: Greenpeace Australia
Creative Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Singapore
Chief Creative Officer: Eugene Cheong
Executive Creative Director: Melvyn Lim
Creative Director: Xander Lee
Senior Copywriter: Augustus Sung
Agency Producer: Alvin Chin
Production House: The Visual Asylum, Freeflow Productions, Insert Coin