Great Eastern urges consumers to 'lifeproof' their loved ones

Insurance company Great Eastern (GE) has launched its new campaign for 2020 "Lifeproof", which urges people with a strong call to take action to "lifeproof" themselves and their loved ones. Launched in collaboration with BLKJ, the central concept of the campaign takes a realistic yet positive perspective on life with all its unpredictable situations, and challenges. Through the campaign, GE wants to establish itself as a trusted brand which helps "lifeproof" people’s legacies, blessings, families, loved ones, and health against the uncertainties thrown at them.

For the upcoming Lunar New Year, the first expression of the campaign celebrates the multi-generational family, where happiness is multiplied, and something well worth protecting. More thematic campaign expressions are expected to be unveiled during the course of the year. In line with the campaign, GE has plans to launch new plans such as *GREAT Term and a personal accident plan *GREAT Protector Active. The company added that communications roll-out will also be in tandem with the unveiling of the new plans. Marketing has reached out to Great Eastern for additional information.

According to the company, this campaign is built around the notion of how it lives out its purpose as The Life Company, and focuses on GE's mission of providing financial security, and promoting good health and meaningful relationships. Last year, GE launched campaigns that were targeted at different groups of people. Its campaign for women saw the company running a series of thought-provoking ads playing on society’s perceptions of women, with the aim of encouraging all women to plan and cater for their physical and fiscal health. GE also launched a campaign for single parents, which was meant to kick-start honest and meaningful conversations about single parenthood on Singles’ Day.

Commenting on its latest "Lifeproof" campaign, Colin Chan, managing director, group marketing, GE said it is a "refreshing yet very accurate" look at the company's mission. "Going into our 112th year, we are looking forward to the start of the new decade with 'Lifeproof' which encapsulates what it is we do for people and our customers," he added.

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