Great Eastern bolsters CX with new digital platform to 'enhance agency efficiency'

Great Eastern has unveiled a digital platform to equip its agency force to enhance agency efficiency, productivity and professionalism to deliver its brand promise to its customers. Along with the digital platform, it has also launched an e-learning platform that helps financial representatives enhance product knowledge and core competencies.

Ben Tan, managing director of regional agency/FA and Bancassurance said digitalisation presents "vast opportunities" for Great Eastern and the company recognises that the agency force plays a "significant" role in keeping its brand promise to consumers.

"Great Digital Advantage is a game changer, transforming the way our agency force engages with customers, taking financial advisory and customer experience to the next level. With our Great Digital Advantage, end-to-end, we now enjoy the distinction of being the most ‘digitalised’ insurer. Additionally, we have also ramped up our training as well as onboarding programmes," Tan said.

Some of its digital capabilities launched on the platform are:

    • GreatAdvice – An interactive financial planning tool, allowing Great Eastern financial representatives to be better positioned to provide more value-added guidance to customers and providing a more "engaging and seamless" customer experience.


    • GreatPlanner – Enables financial representatives to better manage their sales activities and monitor sales performance results at a glance, improving overall productivity and efficiency.


    • GreatPortfolio – Customers’ insurance policies can be captured with a snap, consolidating their policy portfolio. This enables financial representatives to have a complete overview of their customers’ policies and be able to identify and plug protection gaps more effectively.


    • Gerica – With this chatbot, financial representatives can obtain more timely answers to their queries around-the-clock, reducing their turnaround time to respond to customers.

Great Eastern also recently piloted #GreaterWay, an innovative year-long onboarding programme for new financial representatives which features  training materials and coaching. Infrastructure-wise, it has also invested in the agency premises at Paya Lebar Quarter which will be ready in the second half of 2019.

The insurance company also has plans underway to have premier lounge where its representatives can host customers and share about its financial solutions. On the solutions front, Great Eastern claims that it will continue to design and offer innovative products to meet the needs of its customers.

Ryan Cheong, managing director of Digital for Business, said the interactions between its financial representatives and the customers are amongst the "most important touchpoints" in the business. "We hope to see the Great Digital Advantage digital platform enable our representatives to transform the way they work and serve our customers into the digital future. The rise of the digital customers means we have to relook at our own view of how customers will see our representatives and the company. Customer centricity has to move beyond the touchpoints to all aspects of our business,” he added.

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