Grabbing eyeballs at high altitudes

Almost 40% of inflight magazine readers purchase an advertised product after seeing it in the book, a recent study by JMG-Research shows.

Within the sample size of 4,516 travellers in Beijing and Shanghai, most focused on luxury products like wines and spirits, perfumes, jewellery, watches and fashion; 30% even kept the magazine on arrival.

A further 65% visit a duty free store to see the product and 55% searched for the information and 64% told relatives or friends.

On the digital front, 57% recalled commercials aired during the journey.

For James Harrison, marketing and communications director at Ink group – which publishes magazines such as Air Macau, Fah Thai for Bangkok Airways and Ryanair Magazine for the Irish airline, this is not a surprise.

He even goes on to say that flyers are the ideal group of consumers to target because they’re already on holiday mood.

Despite inflight campaigns are effective, Harrison added that advertisers need to keep their pushes green and should look into targeted online options such as ads on print-at-home and smartphone boarding passes, web pages confirmation emails or in in-flight entertainment.

“In eco-tourism and the environment, we’ve seen a growth in interest in the past year. So when travellers are getting more and more concerned about waste consumption, advertisers need to keep up with the green pace as well.”

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