Grab MY sees drop in new part-time drivers following new regulations, positive of recovery

Grab Malaysia has experienced a drop in new part-time drivers after the country’s transport ministry had imposed new regulations on ride-hailing firms. This includes being subject to the same regulations as taxis – such as licence and registration, operational requirements and vehicle inspection, Bernama reported.

Ride-hailing companies are also required to register with the Companies Commission, or Cooperative Commission, while also making sure vehicles older than three year undergo yearly inspections. More than 50% of Grab's fleet is currently above three years old. The company has also been given one year to comply with the new regulations.

Sean Goh, Grab Malaysia’s country head said in a statement to the news outlet that despite the drop, the company is positive that the situation will get better. He added that it was normal to see a decrease during a period of transition.

In the meantime, the company is currently looking for the best solution for all related parties. Goh explained that the majority of its drivers are part-timers whose income from Grab currently comprises 30% of their household income.

It is also engaging with the transport ministry to ensure a continuous conversation to find common ground. It is also speaking to various insurance companies to address the new insurance requirements, a move which followed after the transport ministry said that ride-hailing services was required to provide insurance coverage for drivers, vehicles, passengers and damages to third parties.

Most recently, Grab’s platform suffered a glitch in its notifications functions which sent duplicate e-receipts and notifications to customers for old trips which occurred on 19 July 2018. This was observed in markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, ChannelNews Asia reported, raising questions if customers had been charged twice or if there were credit card compromises.

"We would like to reassure customers that no passengers were charged again, and their Grab account is not at risk. We apologise for the inconvenience caused," a Grab spokesperson said in a statement to A+M.