Grab creates 50-minute long ad. Yes, you read that right

As part of its #GF7SecAd initiative to continue supporting its merchant-partners, Grab Singapore has launched GrabFood’s longest-running advertisement at 3,070 seconds. Under this initiative, users were encouraged to create seven-second feature videos for the restaurants they loved most. Subsequently, these feature videos were combined into a 50-minute ad and hosted on Grab’s channels to maximise online visibility of its merchant-partners. 

#GF7SecAd is part of the Grab Small Business Booster Programme aimed at helping offline businesses digitalise, and increasing the online visibility of Grab’s merchant-partners. Other initiatives include “Islandwide Delivery” and “Local Heroes”. According to Grab Singapore, these past initiatives have collectively contributed to a 60% increase in the average number of orders for its GrabFood merchant-partners and Grab hopes to help businesses navigate this new normal by drawing on the platform’s technology and reach.

grab ads

With the launch of its latest initiative, featured GrabFood outlets have received over 800,000 impressions across owned Grab social media channels above for 1,300 merchant-partners, as indicated on the press statement. Marketing has reached out to Grab for more information. Here are the list of merchants featured in the ad:

grab merchants

Separately, Grab also launched a small business booster programme aimed at aiding small businesses in Southeast Asia adapt to the COVID-19 new normal in June this year.  This programme included tools and initiatives for offline businesses to easily make the shift online, and help those already on the Grab platform to expand their visibility and adapt their operations to an increasingly digital-reliant world. Additionally, it also launched GrabMart, a delivery service across 50 cities, in partnership with over 3000 supermarkets and convenience stores, and it is available in eight countries – Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia, its latest addition.  

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