Grab brings on board Silvercab

Grab is bringing on board Silvercab drivers onto its Grab platform. This is Grab’s second partnership with a local taxi operator, and is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to better serve its drivers and make transportation accessible for all passengers.

The partnership comes as part of Grab’s continued commitment to serving its GrabTaxi drivers, following its first collaboration with taxi operator Trans-cab in September 2016.

Beginning today, Grab’s passengers can look forward to cheaper booking fees for a Silvercab taxi by using the Grab app to book a ride. Silvercab drivers will benefit from more ride bookings as they gain immediate access to Grab’s passenger base and technology which enables the efficient matching of passengers and drivers.

With this additional pool of Silvercab drivers utilising the Grab mobile app exclusively to serve on-demand passenger bookings, Grab steadily widens its reach with more than 40,000 drivers across its network in Singapore.

“As we expand our fleet of taxis over the years to serve the commuting public, we embrace innovative technologies to improve the experience for our passengers and drivers,” said Lim Chong Boo, managing director of Premier Taxis.

“Through this partnership with Grab, we hope to give our drivers more ride bookings and increase their income. Passengers will benefit through having access to a bigger pool of taxis with the click of a button. We believe that with Grab’s trusted brand and innovative technologies, both our drivers and passengers stand to gain.," he added.

Lim Kell Jay, head of Grab Singapore, said, “At Grab, we stay committed to making transportation accessible to all and improving the quality of life for our drivers. We believe that continuing to work together with fleet partners like Premier Taxis and supporting the local taxi community will drive us to progress in that direction and strengthen our leadership position that we have today.”

Grab said its data-driven approach has resulted in an increase in allocation rate – or matching of drivers to passengers – by 25%. This improvement in supply and demand matching has enabled drivers to be more efficient on the road and passengers to get the fastest bookings. As part of the onboarding process, new Silvercab drivers will undergo training to help familiarise them with the Grab app, learn about Grab’s safety guidelines and expected code of conduct.