GR8 Leisure Concept unveils a 3D gift card

GR8 Leisure Concept has launched its first gift card campaign for its 12 restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong and four in Suzhou, China.

Unlike a conventional gift card which might be packaged in a sleeve pocket or a box, this one is packaged in a miniature three-dimensional pop-up restaurant made of glossy cardboard.

GR8 St. George

Each item in the cardboard interior is taken from one of the group’s hotels and restaurants, such as an armchair from boutique hotel The Luxe Manor, chandeliers from French restaurant St. George and framed photographs of Hullett House and Stables Grill.

The bold black and white checkered floor is taken from restaurant Brasserie 101 and outside the cardboard restaurant is a sunny patio inspired by the group’s Cafe Roma by the beach.

GR8 Cafe Roma

A total of 1,000 gift cards have been printed.  Each of the HK$300, HK$500, HK$1,000 and HK$2,000  gift cards can be used at any one of the group’s restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong and Suzhou.

Angie Palmer, director of communications at GR8 Leisure Concept said:  “F&B is a competitive industry in Hong Kong. We have to constantly come up with new dishes and gimmicks so that our customers will keep returning.  The gift card is a neat reminder for our customers that they should come back and visit us.”

“It’s also a great opportunity for cross promotion and exposure for other brands within the group.”

It took Palmer’s team nine months to go from conceptualisation to the printing of the gift cards.

“When I told my team that I wanted a pop-up card combining the special characteristics of each of the 16 brands, almost all of them fell off their chairs.  I think the final product has gone through at least 15 revisions. It’s a challenging project,” she said.

GR8 Dada

The gift card campaign will be supported by Facebook ads and a Facebook contest in the next two weeks.

Another way of boosting sales of the gift card, says Palmer, is to offer it up as a gift that can be redeemed by members of TableMap who have accumulated a certain number of points online.

Apart from the HK$300 gift cards, which are valid until the end of this year, the more expensive gift cards expire in December 2015.

Palmer plans to make the next batch of gift cards rechargeable at the group’s points of sale.

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