GOVT Singapore helps biscuit brand Julie's resonate with China market

Malaysian household brand Julie's has launched a short film, as it delves deeper into the China market. The film runs for about 15 mins, and on all Julie's social channels regionally.

Conceptualised and written by GOVT Singapore, the film was co-produced with Thailand-based Wakeup Rabbit. The spot revolves around a professional translator based in Thailand who describes his job as one that requires a person to be void of emotions. The translator excels at helping others communicate, but in his own life, he lacks social skills. The film starts off as the translator is on set for a biscuit commercial, and takes viewers around the lead character's journey of self-discovery about what being human truly means.

Speaking to MarketingAaron Koh, chief creative officer and Kevin Joseph, creative group head at GOVT said while the China market is booming with TikTok users and with the growing demand for snackable content, Julie’s had other ideas with the story they wanted to tell. They added that "the team never set out to write a story to fit a particular time limit", and as such, 15 mins just "happened to be the amount of time the team needed to tell the story to the fullest". 

Both Koh and Joseph explained that this is despite the fact that more and more clients are now asking for film times to be cut down. "It's the story that counts, however long it takes to tell it," they said. According to the agency, the objective behind the film was to widen Julie's awareness and increase its sales.

Koh and Joseph also told Marketing that before stepping into the China market, the team undertook a long research process and after writing the script, the team consulted with its on-ground counterparts to ensure the story would resonate with the Chinese audience. 

"In the end, we felt that this was a human story, not merely a Chinese one. Love and sacrifice are concepts anyone can relate to," they said.

Client: Julie's
Agency: GOVT Singapore
Creative director: Aaron Koh
Group head: Kevin Joseph
Writer: Aaron Koh, Kevin Joseph
Accounts servicing: Vanessa Aguirre Tan, Sheryl Chua
Senior producer: Jasmine Tan
Production house: Wakeup Rabbit
Producer: Sirikarn Thanaphaisarnsiri
Director: Pagorn Jungrungruang